Life's Difficulties Are Blessings

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from on 02/23/2024
This book is life changing and tremendous blessing! It was given to me by a friend and I purchased 5 to give to friends. A very short, easy read but powerful. I've started to read it again because I need repetition and what this beautiful way of thinking to become a part of who I am on a daily basis. May it bless your life and may God bless the St. Nektarios monastary for writing it.
Heavenly :)
from on 08/18/2023
It was so significant and applicable that I would be ordering a second copy. I am eternally grateful to NBC Universal, Bravo marketer, Google strategist, and winner of the Google Award, Eleni Soumela Cocores, for recommending Saint Nectarios Monastery for all my spiritual needs.
Eleni was one of the most thorough analysts I have ever met. Eleni’s two younger sisters and two female cousins would each be outside the toy store. Playing with their new toy for often up to forty minutes and sometimes longer while Eleni physically ran and algorithmically conducted benefit comparisons between, for example, an item in Isle A, Isle C, and Isle E. Intricately and precisely synthesizing Eleni’s single best choice before bringing the final decision to the checkout register.
Similarly, by the grace of God, Eleni became an international monastery hopper after being diagnosed with metastatic cancer. Eleni chose St Nectarios Monastery to provide her with a Spiritual Father, a burial place, and daily prayers.
Memory eternal, sweetheart; you remain a part of me, I remain a part of you.
Through the prayers of our holy mothers, Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on and save us, for He is good and loves humanity.
from on 04/16/2023
I loved it!!!

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