Repentance and Confession

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5 excellent
from on 7/26/2021
Excellent book a true vision to open your heart to concede to repentance and want to change. A book to pass to your loved ones.
Great Theological and Scriptural Foundation for Confession
from on 9/13/2020
This book wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but it is great nevertheless. I wanted a practical manual on how to prepare for Confession, whereas this was more of an exposition on why we need Confession as well as its scriptural basis. The book definitely deepened my understanding of the Mystery of Confession and is one I will likely revisit in the future.
from on 7/31/2020
After arriving late due to issues with the post, was happy to come home and find in my mailbox. Have begun reading and so far it is helping to clarify the ideas (of repentance at the time of this review) as found as the central discussion. Thank you!

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