Selected titles include books translated and published by St. Nektarios Monastery.

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Repentance and Confession

A concise exposition on the mystery of Repentance and Confession by St. Nektarios, which will have you searching the depths of your heart.

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Christology, by St. Nektarios

An exceptional and brilliant study on the Divinity of Jesus Christ and the Christian faith.

$22.00 *
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The Prayer Rope

The Prayer Rope
$5.00 *
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Saint Paisios of Mount Athos

The biography of Saint Paisios of Mount Athos, by Elder Isaac.

Now back in print! 2nd Edition.


$45.00 *
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The Unrivaled Protectress

The Unrivaled Protectress

A brief exposition on reverence to the Mother of God by St. Nektarios, and fifteen extraordinary miracles.

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The Saint of our Century

The Saint of our Century - by Sotos Chondropoulos
$36.00 *
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The Art of Salvation

The Art of Salvation - by Elder Ephraim

Thirty three homilies containing life-changing guidance.

$42.00 *
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Do Not Envy Wordly People

A small pamphlet demonstrating, with the Holy Scriptures as a guide, why we should not be envious of people who live a materialistic and secular way of life.   


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